Sunday, 18 January 2015

Challenge 2015

So I blogged a few months ago about a challenge I had given myself to use each one of my stamp sets before the new year, and the ones I didn't use were on the chopping block.. Well I failed miserably with that challenge! In between work, report writing, having to move house and Christmas, I really only had the chance to set my craft room back up a week ago to full working order. So... Instead I have devised a new challenge
My new challenge came about because I was sick of going onto my Pinterest page and not being able to find what I really wanted because they had funny tags on them, their descriptions didn't match, not to mention the fact that I stupidly pinned all of my inspiring cards onto the one board- big mistake!
This week I've put my back out, so apart from laying down or standing up, I haven't been able to do much, so I have been organising all of my pins into different boards and it got me thinking, how many of these pins will I realisitically recreate?
So I'm going to challenge myself- each week I have to create at least 4 cards CASE'd from Pinterest. This is obviously going to challenge me and hopefully I'll get better use out of my forgotten stamp sets.
Anyone else up for the challenge?!?! Probably not, You'd have to be a little bonkers to try this at home!

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